Artwork by Désiré Costaud

The Cult of Less

Release Date : 08/2014
Format : CDR & Digital
Label : Ponytail Records

"The only why I can describe this music is by saying that it has the essence of Ariel Pink but in a female shell and a bit more pop mixed to it, and it’s awesome!" (Anonymous)

01. Romantic Music
02. Alone at last
03. Endless Summerz
04. Go to Bombay !
05. Number 7 (inst.)
06. The Cult of Less
07. Carlos
08. How far away is yr moon from the sun ?
09. Walking Cities
10. Secret Agenda
11. The House of Better Days (inst.)

All songs written, played, sung, recorded & mixed by Julie Margat

Tracks 01-10 recorded in Bordeaux, FR
Track 11 recorded somewhere else

Violin & Backing Vocals on "Romantic Music" by Tamara Goukassova
Bass on "Carlos" by Ali Macabre
Backing Vocals on "Walking Cities" by Charlotte Martin, Lisa Renaud & Sylvain Kalbfleisch
Backing Vocals on "Secret Agenda" by Charlotte Martin

"Romantic Music" Video by Lispector

About a year after the release of "Life Without A Map", I decided to release an album of raw demos, like my earlier demo tapes.

Traveling often to the UK, I felt like I needed to release a very minimalist album, far from the "radio edits" and the slick productions I was working on for another project at that time. Somehow the song "The Cult of Less" started to mean something to me that was important: Get in your imaginary and creative world because you will always have fun there.

So this album was kind of an act of rebellion, saying "if it's too lo-fi and if it's un-perfect, and if the songs are too long, and if the song structures are not perfect, it doesn't matter because they are spontaneous, and that's actually how I love it".

I chose to put out some unreleased demos from "Life Without A Map" ("Go To Bombay!", "The Cult of Less", "How Far Away Is Your Moon From The Sun?"), plus a couple of new songs ("Romantic Music", "Alone At Last", "Endless Summerz", "Secret Agenda"), plus some older unreleased ones ("Carlos", "Number 7", "Walking Cities"), plus a super old one ("The House of Better Days").

There's a couple of friends/guests on this album also. My friend Charlotte came by one afternoon to do the backing up vocals for "Secret Agenda" but I loved the way she sang them so much without my lead vocals above that her vocals ended up being lead vocals on the chorus. I also asked Tamara Goukassova to sing the lead vocals and play the violin on "Romantic Music". I ended up only using her vocals as discreet backing vocals because it changed the energy and rhythm of the vocal melody too much, but I kept her violins quiet loud! :) And Ali Macabre created and played the bass line of the song "Carlos"