Artwork and Layout by Julie

Artwork and Layout by Julie


Release Date : 07/2011
Format : CDR & Digital  
Label : Ponytail Records

"Outsider Art Therapy" is another collection of demos recorded in Bordeaux.

01. The Fashion Police
02. The End Is Now
03. Missy
04. Teen Wurlitzer
05. Mission to Babylonia
06. Who Else Are You?
07. A. & E. In The G. of E.
08. Platonic Love
09. I Spy w/ My Mind's Eye (Instrumental)
10. Side by Side
11. A Pleasant Evening
12. The Cantina of Despair
13. The Future of The Future
14. Home Sweet Home
15. Two Rights Can't Make A Wrong
16. Sweet Sixteen



All songs written, played, sung, recorded & mixed by Julie Margat
Kumi Okamoto is playing the trumpet on "The Cantina of Despair" 
and singing on "Mission to Babylonia" 
Brina Thurston & the Brat Pack are talking on "Sweet Sixteen"

                "Fashion Police" Video by MG/BM

It took me quite a while to put together my "Outsider Art Therapy". I wanted to address a lot of different subjects that were important to me at the time and my goal was to approach every song differently in order to create 16 contrastive atmospheres. While the music sometimes emerged with experimentation with midi, or got inspired directly from keyboard sounds, the vocals were recorded quite intuitively and were not over worked on. I then illustrated each song with a video made of archive films I found on the web (apart from "The Fashion Police", video made by my friend Marion) and completed what I named the "Outsider Art Video Therapy".