Artwork and Layout by Julie

Artwork and Layout by Julie


Release Date : 01/2009
Format : CDR
Label : Ponytail Records

The "Old Parisians Demos" are 8-track songs recorded with my Yamaha MD8 in Paris in 2006 and 2007 except "Pisces" that was recorded in Bordeaux.

01. Cairo Ending
02. Like A Mouse In A Field
03. When I Was A Scout
04. Trapper Keeper
05. Beatitude (C. Depp Cover)
06. This Is Not The End
07. It Was Nice To See You (Inst.)
08. Love Transportations
09. Ride Pony, Ride!
10. The Table of Houses
11. Two Old Dictators (Maison Neuve Cover)
12. Pisces

All songs written, played, sung, recorded & mixed by Julie Margat except "Beatitude" (C. Depp cover), "The Table of Houses" (music written and played by David Riley & Ryan Lucero - guitar: Ryan Lucero, keyboard: David Riley), and "Two Old Dictators" (Maison Neuve cover)

                "Ride, Pony, Ride" Video by Lispector