Artwork & design by 'The Liars'

Artwork & design by 'The Liars'


Release Date : 06/2008
Format : CD / LP
Label : Twisted Nerve Records

"DIY Montplaisir chanteuse Lispector makes her UK album debut with 13 home recordings about planets and beings, tattoos and planes, reality and fiction."

01. Lispector Sur Une Balançoire
02. Romantic at Heart
03. Ice Cream Man
04. Summer's Back
05. Mixing You With Champagne
06. Nobody Cares
07. Peachtree Street
08. Plane Traveler
09. Winona Forever (The Tattoo Song)
10. The Game
11. Guide To Personal Happiness
12. Palace Of My Soul
13. Coffee Machine


Words & Music by Julie Margat
All songs written, recorded & mixed by julie in various bedrooms between 1997 and 2007.

Fan video uploaded on YouTube by Jonny Leichenberg on 2010-10-31.

I had been in touch with Andy Votel since "Human problems and how to solve them", six years before the actual release of “Guide to Personal Happiness”. He had asked me to send him pretty mush all the tracks I had ever recorded in order to make a selection of songs for the album and therefore this album is a collection of demos recorded between 1997 and 2007. It was the first time that I didn’t make the artwork myself (as Andy wanted the cover to match the other Twisted Nerve releases) but I was happy with the tracks he chose, and only suggested him to add “Mixing You With Champagne” to the track list, song I just had finished recording before the release of the album.