Artwork Layout by Julie

Artwork Layout by Julie


Release Date : 09/2015
Format : CDR & Digital
Label : Ponytail Records

Dancin' In The Nite is made of 5 covers recorded in 2015

01. Dancing In The Dark (Bruce Springsteen)
02. Seabird (Alessi Brothers)
03. Eyes Without A Face (Billy Idol)
04. Last Nite (The Strokes)
05. Listen, The Snow Is Falling (Yoko Ono)










I had been wanting to cover "Dancing In The Dark" for a long time when I decided to finally record it, sometimes in may 2015, while I was feeling quite frustrated with the music I was making, traveling in between Bordeaux and Southport without having the peace of mind necessary to work on my own stuff.

I loved that song very much and the dynamic of it too so I decided to play and sing above the actual song in order not to lose the energy that Bruce Springsteen gives to it. After thoroughly redoing the drums (so they match the actual drums well enough to keep some of that energy), I started to record the other instruments less carefully, just having fun with it, playing the song my own way. I recorded the vocals last, once again singing above the actual song (that I had to tune differently because, obviously, my voice tone doesn't quite match Bruce's).

Before even finishing the cover, I asked my friend Marion, who had made my "Fashion Police" video, if she would be into helping me doing a video for it. I was looking for ideas when I realised I just loved the video for the song so much that nothing could be quite as good. So just out of curiosity, I downloaded the video and tried to put my cover version instead of the Springsteen's one. The fact that I had recorded everything above the actual song made my cover match the actual video and I found that very funny. It was just perfect : I had made my first cover shred. And that's when I decided to record another cover and do another video shred.

I discovered the song "Seabird" by Alessi Brothers a couple of years ago and loved it immediately : the melody, the vocals, the drum machine, the lyrics, it all sounded great to me. And when I found that video of the twins singing for a tv show, it was just the cherry on the pie that made that song perfect to me. The fact that they are both singing with similar voices (main vocals for one of the brothers and back up vocals for the other) kind of reminded me of my own work wth vocals in a way.

So when I was looking for another song to cover, I decided to try "Seabird" (I recorded this one in a bedroom in Southport) and worked the same way as I did for "dancing In The Dark": I played over the actual song, just so I wouldn't miss any measure (and so I wouldn't have to learn the whole song by heart). 

I had previously covered "Eyes Without A Face" live a couple of years before, on guitar, and decided it would be fun to do a proper cover, with synths. Also, Billy Idol's video, especially the opening scene where is face is coming towards the screen, had made a big impression on me since I was a kid. I Had to change a bit of the music though, because that little guitar solo and the part that goes right after sounded really bad to me. So I improvised a little part and changed the video a bit (That's the instrumental part with the dolphins in my cover shred video). My friends Charlotte (who also did some vocals on "The Cult of Less" and "Life Without A Map" did a bit of backing vocals on it) and so did my friend Lisa (both of them used to be singers in a french band called Crâne Angels).

I can't remember how I came with the idea of covering "Last Nite" by The Strokes. I think it's just because I've always liked singing that song and I liked that video too. I also had to change the music on this one too, because I just couldn't play that solo guitar! So I put some synths instead. I thought that was quite funny also, because when you know the song, you really expect that solo, and not some sort of electronic cheesiness. 

"Listen, The Snow Is Falling" was recorded ar around the same time, although I had recorded it for a Christmas EP project we had with Whyte Horses at the time I was still in the band. I love Yoko Ono's songs and this one is one of my favourites of hers. I ended up leaving the band so I thought I might as well put that cover on the "Dancin In The Nite EP".

Tracks 01, 03, 04 and 05 recorded in Bordeaux, FR
Track 02 recorded in Southport, UK

All songs played, sung, recorded & mixed by Julie Margat

Backing vocals on "Eyes Without A Face" by Charlotte Martin and Lisa Renaud



Bruce Springsteen "Dancing In The Dark" - Cover Shred by Lispector

(The video shreds mentioned above are available on Vimeo.)