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Wealth of beauties

What a lovely mix of old and new from here and there. Finders Keepers spin-off Bird, have compiled a set of beauty that doubles as something of a travelogue for the women in the FK and Bird flock. Though there’s something slightly off about pitching such a disparate group together under the banner of, “Well, they’re all women, innit?” (on the Bird label, no less), a loose ‘weird folk’ thread provides some unification for these tracks spanning 1969-2007.

It’s hard to believe that Susan Christie’s Rainy Day comes from a vanity recording unheard for 36 years until Paint A Lady came out last year. It’s a universally appealing, mini-orchestrated gem, like the beginning, middle and end of a short movie in just a few minutes. Lispector’s Peachtree Street, on the other hand, recalls the sort of lo-fi folk of the early 90s LA scene that threw up compilations such as Poop Alley Tapes. Jane Weaver, Bonnie Dobson and Brigitte Fontaine pitch up, as we spin from Canada to Wales, Turkey, France and… Manchester. Best for our money is a Selda track which didn’t make it onto last year’s Selda release. This alone leaves you wanting for more from the labels with a whole lot to give.” Jason Draper / Record Collector Mag


Release Date : 2007
Format : CD + LP

Effervescent songbird Jane Weaver has joined forces with Finders Keepers to produce a B-Music certified canon of femme-folk, laden with finger picked meandering melodies, ethereal harmonies and wistful psychedelic leanings.

This bespoke globe-trotting decade spanning collection traces a line between the acid soaked protest rumblings of yesteryear and the forward looking/backward facing revivalists of today, as luminaries such as Wendy & Bonnie, Bonnie Dobson, Heather Jones and Susan Christie rub shoulders with the current cream of female songsmithery including Emma Tricca, Magphai, and Cate Le Bon.

1. Speck Mountain – Hey Moon
2. Wendy And Bonnie – Paisley Window Pane
3. Magpahi – Horses
4. Emma Tricca – Martin and Me
5. Selda – Gesi Baglari
6. Lispector – Peachtree Street
7. Turid – Lat Mig Se Dig
8. Heather Jones – Coli Laith
9. Lights – Branches Low
10. Susan Christie – Rainy Day
11. Jane Weaver – All These Rivers
12. Brigitte Fontaine – Le Goudron
13. Heaven And Earth – Refuge
14. Cate Le Bon – Disappear